Property showings for sale to a buyer you are working with should be more than a whirlwind tour. This is an exciting time for your buyer, so you will want to use this time wisely. You need to do more than just open the door and let them inside. You have a real estate job to do and an opportunity to seize. Here are some things to consider before your next property showings.

Prepare the Buyers for the Showing

People who have never bought a home before could be utterly clueless about what to expect. Even those who have purchased and sold several homes might need you to remind them how they should proceed.

Build a Checklist

Go over their needs, wants, and preferences. What is their priority in all these? Have them make a list and refer to it as they see the home. Tell the buyer which homes you will be showing them on this outing. In fact, if you give them this information the day before, they can drive by the houses and be better prepared for the showings. You can learn more about showings in Roadmap to Success: Working with Buyers, an online real estate training course.

Viewing Etiquette

Gently remind them of home viewing etiquette. For example, they should get a babysitter or a pet sitter to see the home without being distracted. Remind them they are guests in any homes you show them and should treat the house accordingly. In addition, they need to be on time so that everyone, including the seller, can keep to their schedules.

Camera and Other Technology Rules

You might also want to go over the rules about cameras and other technology. You should know and refer to the laws in your state. For example, buyers can’t take interior photos unless they have the seller’s permission. So, of course, they can’t post pictures of the property without the seller’s okay. They should not post text comments about the property, either. Also, remind them that the seller may have cameras in the home for surveillance.

Be the Leader in This Excursion

The buyers might know precisely what they want and need. However, viewing a home in a relatively short time can be daunting. There is so much to take in and process that the buyer might not even realize what they’re seeing or not seeing.

Therefore, you should remind them of anything that does or doesn’t match their priorities, wants, and needs. Remind them to go outside and look around to get a sense of their surroundings and the home’s outdoor living spaces.

If you’re seeing much real estate for sale, it’s a good idea to create an easy-to-remember nickname for the home. For example, one might be “yellow kitchen,” and one might be “garden spot.” Just use a nickname that clearly matches the property. This will also make communication easier.

Processing the Showing

After guiding the buyers through the property showings, you need to help them come to tentative conclusions about what they saw. Do a short wrap-up of how this real estate for sale stacks up to their needs and desires. Get feedback on what they found promising and anything they want to avoid in the home they buy. Then, ask them if they will see this house again later.

Don’t Be the Star. Be The Hero

Nothing can take place in a buyer’s heart like the ideal home for them. Your job in this real estate transaction is to step aside and let the right home shine. However, you can fulfill another role. You can be their real estate agent hero.

How do you do that? You show them what does and doesn’t meet their needs. You empathize with their feelings about leaving their old home and finding another. And you can help them find out more about a property they are considering. In short, you can make their life easier during this stressful time.

Build a Relationship

As you perform your real estate agent duties to the best of your ability, you build a relationship with them. This could pay off for you in many ways. First, they trust you and come to you if they ever want to move again. In the meantime, they may send friends and relatives to work with you. Their loyalty could even pay off in testimonials you can use to advertise your business.

You Must Do More Than Unlock the Door!

Showings can be tedious and frustrating if you don’t guide the buyers to look for the things they want. The basics would be letting them inside the home and nothing more. However, as a professional real estate agent, you can do much more than that. When you prepare and guide them, the buyers will more easily find the right house. Then, they will likely send you referrals to boost your real estate business.