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Production-Centric Training

Pre-qualified Sellers and Buyers leads

State-of the-art technology

Sponsor Program

Conveniently located offices

Transactions software with e-signature

Marketing support

Company intranet with private social media.

Rewards Program.

Personalized website, CRM, clients’ app*

Zero monthly, franchise or technology fees



We offer a wide range of services and tools to
help you build strong relationships with
clients and grow your business.


startup  fee

Our Family.

A positive work environment with a strong workplace community of like-minded agents and support team, guided by values, rather than rules, working well together actively thinking about how to improve agent’s business, take on more challenges and deliver better and more meaningful results.

Our team helps you avoid pitfalls, build your confidence, excel at hands-on experiences, tap into vital insights, apply powerful strategies and develop skills you’ll use your whole career life long to increase your earnings continuously.


Scrupulously researched, meticulously prepared proprietary easy-to-learn tools and training developed to unleash your creativity, give you a whole new perspective, and to open the way to adopt and apply new
technologies and techniques.

a company

Powered by a devoted in-house support team at your disposal and easy-to-use yet robust state-of-the-art technology to simplify routine operations, allowing you, the agent, to spend more time doing what you love; selling!.

a brand

A brand you can trust with a proven record of successful agents and an impeccable history of integrity and respect for all who we have connected with over our many years in business.

a brokerage

Built by renowned broker Reinaldo Gonzalez with an unwavering commitment to innovative educational development and training, research, planning, and expansion with a focus on agent’s integral growth towards  both personal and professional fulfillment.

Meet Our


“InvesTeam Realty is what every real estate company should be when it comes to supporting agents career growth with tools, technology and the right training to be successful. A cooperative environment where everyone helps everyone.”

Lisa Ljung

“I have had the opportunity to take several of the production-centric training, the single most a significant factor that has propelled my business from stalled to far beyond my initial goals.

I started my career with InvesTeam Realty and rapidly saw how the acquired applied knowledge paid off big time.”

Perla Cantu

“InvesTeam Realty is what every real estate company should be when it comes to supporting agents career growth with tools, technology and the right training to be successful. A cooperative environment where everyone helps everyone.”

Eduardo Nucete

“It’s not that we have so many tools but that they are so easy to use and helpful. They save me so much time. Training and help are always available. What a great place to work!”

Norma Gonzalez

“Working with InvesTeam Realty has been a wonderful experience. With the support and, more importantly, the knowledge of every step during the process, the regular coaching sessions, and the technological tools available 24/7 from everywhere, the team in each branch is amazingly patient and willing to cooperate to make every transaction a success.
The final client can perceive the professionalism and the trustworthiness of our lawyers, mortgage brokers, and commercial and luxury real estate professionals.
I can’t think of a better company to be.”

Vanessa Zamora

“I’ve known Reinaldo for more than 20 years and can proudly say I was one of the agent founders of the company. I’ve witnessed every step of the way, from our initial settings to what we have become and accomplished. It’s fascinating to see day in and day out how our leader is in constant search and implementation of tools, training, benefits, and improvements. Thank you, Reinaldo, for such a fantastic journey!”

Miguel Basalo

“Great place to work. Friendly, professional, and dedicated staff working diligently to fulfill everyone’s dream of residential and commercial ownership.”

Yamila Zabala

“Whether marketing, transaction, or compliance-related assitance, there is always a helping hand.”

Patricia Velazquez

tech tools

Everything you need to save you time for what's really important in your life.
Family Time Sports Sunday Brunch Travel Happy Hours Rest Beach Days Friends Personal Development Birthdays Road Trips Shopping Staycations Netflix and chill Concerts Yoga And much more
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investeam realty

“A company in constant pursuit of excellence and innovation with a clear understanding of agents’ needs and goals.”

Adriana Companet

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