Having fun at work is never a sure thing when you are a real estate agent. After all, real estate jobs can be demanding. You must stay active and focused on the tasks of each moment of each day. As a real estate agent, you must be constantly vigilant to ensure they deal with issues proactively as soon as they arise. Yet, if your job has the right qualities, every day can be a joy.


Would you like to be the ruler of your own destiny? If so, what you desire is personal autonomy. When you have autonomy, you direct your own path. You make decisions independently, making your own choices freely to your own satisfaction.

Real estate prospecting can be an exciting part of real estate jobs, and it helps to take advantage of the benefits of autonomy. The more self-directed you can be in your work, the more you will enjoy it.

Benefits of Autonomy

Personal autonomy is a beautiful thing. When you make your own decisions, it’s easier to feel motivated. Engaging in your work comes naturally, and you have more chances to be creative. You become more productive because you are action-oriented, not waiting for someone else to make each decision. Since you are more accountable for your results, your performance improves.

Real estate jobs that allow you autonomy can make you happier, too. You feel valued and want to stay at the company where you are. When you control your own decisions, your work/life balance improves. Then, you feel more satisfaction in your work. In the end, a person who is autonomous in their work will often become a leader.


More complexity in real estate jobs makes work more fun. Think about it. Simple, repetitive work offers nothing exciting and little reward beyond a meager paycheck. How many assembly-line workers do you hear talking about how much fun they had doing their work? If they have fun, it likely has little to do with doing their job itself.

However, real estate jobs can be highly complex. Large tasks include many smaller parts intricately woven into a fabric of success.

For example, when you gather leads, that’s not a simple task.

You must do many smaller tasks and put all the results together in your databases. You must use technology and personal outreach to find people who might be interested in real estate. As you go, you must diligently enter all the leads’ information into your database. This is a complex task.

The same is true for prospecting and every job down the line, from handling objections to selling property. Although not all parts of real estate jobs are complex, you will likely find enough to keep you fascinated.

Boredom can stifle your creativity and productivity. Complexity is the cure. With more to think about, and more to figure out, it’s easy to stay excited about what you do and the results you might achieve.

Effort vs. Reward

Did you ever imagine what it would be like to get all the goodies without putting any effort? That may sound like the ideal, but the truth is reward without effort tends to be very unsatisfying. Imagine what it would be like to come in every day, collect commissions, and do nothing else. You might find enjoyment away from work using that money, but the job itself would be meaningless and uninspiring without any effort.

You need both effort and reward, and they must be clearly connected, or you will never have much satisfaction in your work as a real estate agent. Doing work with no reward wears you down and demotivates you. Yet, collecting a paycheck without doing anything surely doesn’t make you feel like working. What’s more, if you do work, you will not try your best, because it really doesn’t matter.

When your personal effort produces the rewards you seek, you go away with an incredible feeling of accomplishment. You feel like a winner. You take pride in your work.

Indeed, if someday you can sit back and enjoy the rewards of past efforts, you will feel delighted. However, during your years learning real estate and working in real estate jobs, it’s far better to look for work where it is an effort that brings the rewards.

The Effort of Study Yields the Results of Success

Any time your efforts lead to results, you are more likely to study harder to learn more about real estate prospecting and other aspects of your job. Why? It’s because you know that your efforts will produce the results that make you happy. And, because it was your efforts that made it all happen, you feel stronger and more in control.

In Prospecting, one of the Roadmap to Success online real estate courses, you can learn more about how to excel and be happy in real estate jobs. At the same time, the study itself is a kind of effort that brings you real estate success and personal satisfaction. If you want to have satisfaction, you must put in the effort. It’s as simple as that.