Knowing what to do on the first contact with a landlord takes some thought and some mentorship. After all, when working with real estate landlords, you go beyond what you learned in real estate school. Now, you must continue your real estate agent training to learn how to handle The Call.

What Is The Call?

The Call is the first contact you have with a landlord. Usually, they will call you due to some marketing you have done to promote your business of working with real estate landlords. They may even research you to find out what sort of a real estate agent you are. In any case, they call, email, send you a social media message, or contact you in some other way.

Remember: from this very first communication, you have the opportunity to build a positive relationship with them.

Show the Landlord Who Your Are

The Call is your chance to shine a light on the best parts of who you are as a real estate agent. Show them by the way you present yourself, being calm, positive, proud, and displaying an air of certainty.

One of the most essential realtor skills for gaining landlord clients is crafting and presenting your value proposition. Include your education, including real estate courses about working with landlords, such as The Roadmap to Success: Landlords.

Talk about your specific areas of expertise and the realtor skills you have developed suited to working with real estate landlords. Finally, your value proposition should exhibit your honesty and integrity, along with examples of how you managed a difficult situation ethically.

Show Landlords How You Can Help Them

During the first Call, you need to be mindful of what landlords look for in a real estate agent. Know that landlords want more from real estate agents than they can do for themselves. In short, they want added value.

 So, show them all the extras you can do for them, such as marketing and managing the transaction. While you are at it, talk about your expertise, realtor skills, and the connections you will use to accomplish their goals. In addition, explain the advantages of working with your company, such as their integrity and their support to their agents.

First Meeting

When working with real estate landlords, the first meeting you have puts your realtor skills to the test. It all starts with setting up the meeting. Choose a safe, quiet location and schedule a time with them to meet there for your presentation.

You should also make sure the landlord is prepared to contribute to the meeting. Start by having them bring the necessary documents when they come. These include their title, survey, utility bills, and appliance warranties.

The meeting will happen soon, but you must get your mindset in order before you meet. Prepare yourself to have the right attitude by reminding yourself of two things:

–          Listen more than you talk.

–          Seek to understand before seeking to be understood.

Ask Great Questions Right from The Call

One of the most critical realtor skills you will ever learn is how to ask intelligent questions. You can learn how to construct the right questions through online learning for realtors, such as the Roadmap for Success series.

You will benefit significantly if you begin asking the right questions from your first encounter. During the first meeting, ask good questions, listen, observe, and not respond. Right now, you are asking questions to get information about the property itself and the landlord’s goals.

Ask questions such as the following to find out about the property:

–          Property address

–          Property owners

–          Mortgage lender and mortgage amount

Ask questions like these to learn about the landlord:

–          Why the landlord is leasing

–          How do they want to conduct communication with you

–          How they found you

–          What do they know about the current local real estate market?

Time to Create a Positive Connection!

Use your realtor skills wisely from the first Call. Practicing your skills will give you a more thorough education for working with real estate landlords.

This first Call will get you a new client if you do it well and the landlord is impressed. Yet, the Call is about more than this initial meeting. Just as important is your goal to set the tone for your relationship with the landlord for as long as you work with them.

Therefore, be meticulous about how you set up and conduct the meeting. Be gracious and ethical, and show the landlord your best qualities. Ask them the right questions to avoid misunderstandings in the future and get the information you need right now. Launch into your presentation and be prepared for the landlord to hire you. If you handle The Call well, they almost certainly will!