Suppose one of your prospects sellers suggests they consider selling their home themselves. How would you reply? What do they want and need that you can do for them that they can’t do well without you? Or, suppose they are trying to decide between several agents. What can you offer them that other agents can’t?

Actually, any time you make a presentation to a seller, you need to be aware of the benefits and services they can get from working with you as their sellers’ agent. Consider the following ways to help sellers and refer to them during your presentation.

Expert Guidance, Information, and Insights

You are in an excellent position to offer real estate sellers your much-needed real estate expertise. You have access to information that they may have trouble finding if they can find it at all. You can give them expert advice based on your real estate agent training and any experience you have in working with real estate sellers. Your opinions are valuable to them because you have studied home selling and perhaps have been through the process several times before.

Help with Marketing

One thing you have that most real estate sellers lack is the knowledge, tools, and insights needed to promote their listing. You also have connections that will help with the marketing efforts. They may not know where to start, or they may feel inadequate to try. So, they look for a realtor that they believe will efficiently, effectively, and strategically reach the right target audience. Give them a glimpse of the specific marketing strategies, social media platforms, and other tools you will use to reach out to target buyers.

Negotiation Skills

When you make a presentation to potential seller clients, you need to impress their skills as a negotiator. After all, this part of putting real estate for sale is often the most intimidating for sellers. They may fear failing or simply do not want to try. Therefore, they will tend to choose real estate agents they believe will negotiate well and get them the terms they hope to get on the purchase contract.

Insight into the Current Real Estate Industry and Market

Real estate sellers who have never put a home on the market before look to their agent for up-to-date insights into real estate laws and regulations. Even those who have had real estate for sale before may not know what is happening in real estate now. They know that if they fail to follow the rules, their sale could fall through or face penalties. In addition, your knowledge of the current local market will help them make the right choices as they search for and work with real estate buyers.

Specialized Real Estate Knowledge

Sellers are more apt to choose an agent specializing in the types of transactions they plan to complete. If they want to sell a home, they usually prefer someone with specialized knowledge of residential real estate. Therefore, if you have taken real estate courses and earned certifications in selling a specific type of real estate or acting as a sellers’ agent, be sure to let them know. For example, taking the Roadmap to Success Sellers course has added preparation to act as their agent.

Other types of specialized credentials include:

–          Certified Residential Specialist

–          Certification in working with real estate sellers on short sales

–          Certification in working with military customers

If you don’t have any special certifications now, add them to your to-do list and get started. All the real estate training you can get will help your seller clients and boost your real estate business.

An Agent Who Gets Results

Like anyone else, sellers want an expert on their side who gets the kind of results they want. You can demonstrate your positive outcomes by citing statistics on your past performance. For instance, tell them the average number of days you take to sell a house or the average selling price you get compared to the asking price. Then, show them where your numbers stand against other agents’.

A Sellers’ Agent

Sellers typically know that some real estate agents work with sellers and buyers. However, they usually also understand that they can get undivided loyalty from a realtor who works exclusively with them and not with the buyer. Furthermore, if they don’t know that, you should point out the advantages, so they know your value as a sellers’ agent.

Excellent Communication

The sellers who choose you may do so partly because they have strong communication skills. They don’t want to be left wondering what is going on with their sale. Although different sellers wish for different types or amounts of communication, no one wants to beg for information. Thus, you need to show them that you will communicate well. Then, have a discussion about how communication will move forward.

Objective Social Proof

Real estate sellers may be hesitant to decide based solely on what you tell them in your presentation. They may wonder if you are really that good as a sellers’ agent or are just good at presenting yourself well. By providing them with references from past seller clients, you give them more objective information. Then, when they hear how helpful and professional you have been in the past, they may immediately decide you are the sellers’ agent for them.

Knowing what sellers want from their real estate agents is essential to your business’s success. Be aware of all the benefits you offer to real estate sellers. Then, keep following through with continued real estate agent training through in-person real estate courses, online learning for realtors, and realtor skills training. Finally, include all these factors in your presentation. Soon, you will have a thriving business as a sellers’ agent.