Adriana Companet

Vice president

A new-construction and luxury property specialist with 20 years of experience and over $1.5 billion in sales.

My Story

This Miami based professional has cooperated with the most notable developers in the creation and implementation of successful sales methods in international markets by fearlessly scouting foreign countries to discover current local customs, investment preferences, and identifying potential client sources.

She has effectively created the template currently used to advance sales in international markets worldwide, nurturing partnerships and strategic liaisons that have defined industry standards in the process; as the Director of Sales of many notable luxury projects, setting new records for the highest price per square foot, volume of sales and pioneering sales in the international market. With the Real Estate market’s evolution into ultra-high-end properties and hotel-branded mixed projects,


Growth Mindset

Adriana evolved into the role she holds today as Project Consultant. Passionately developing ways to maximize the sales potential between the hotel brand and real estate product being marketed; such a role that has become vital in the conception, execution, and successful completion of pre-construction luxury projects being planned in the current global competitive market.



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